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CNY Polygraph, LLC does not utilize a Psychological Stress Evaluator (voice stress analyzer) which is prohibited for use by employers in New York State as defined in New York Labor Law sections 733 & 735.

Accusatory Business Exams


Employers that have a strong belief that an employee is stealing from their business will benefit from this exam. CNY Polygraph, LLC meets the requirements issued by the United States Department of Labor's Employee Polygraph Protection Act to administer employee polygraph exams, and can assist businesses in retrieving their economic loss.

The EPPA has strict rules regarding polygraph exams administered to employees. Businesses that fall under the following exemptions are allowed to have employees submit to a polygraph exam:

Federal, state and local governments. In addition, lie detector tests administered by the Federal Government to employees of Federal contractors engaged in national security intelligence or counterintelligence functions.

The Act also includes limited exemptions where polygraph tests (but no other lie detector tests) may be administeredin the private sector, subject to certain restrictions: 

To employees who are reasonably suspected of involvement in a workplace incident that results in economic loss to the employer and who had access to the property that is the subject of an investigation;

To prospective employees of armored car, security alarm, and security guard firms who protect facilities, materials or operations affecting health or safety, national security, or currency and other like instruments;

To prospective employees of pharmaceutical and other firms authorized to manufacture, distribute, or dispense controlled substances who will have direct access to such controlled substances, as well as current employee who had access to persons or property that are the subject of an ongoing investigation.

Please click here to visit the United States Department of Labor's Employee Polygraph Protection Act for more information.

Length of exam 2 - 4 hours